About Us


NatureOils was created out of the need for personal remedies for skin issues such as eczema, joint pain and oedema for ourselves and  our family members, and the constant battle to find good natural products that are not harsh on the skin, or that just seem to do more harm than good and cost the earth. Taking our passion further and training to become qualified Aromatherapist in Aromatherapy Massage, Anatomy and physiology therapy this has led us to pursue other interests in healing properties of essential oils, herbs and spices.


Our story

From an early age my sister and I (Dawne & June) have always been interested in naturally healing the mind and body, Dawne has suffered with asthma and very bad weeping eczema from a very early age. I also suffered with very itchy eczema on my face for some years. After realising that prescriptions were damaging our skin, we began to do our own research into the healing properties of herbs and oils, and making therapeutic skin care products to improve our skin and health.

We are passionate about every item we create, to ensure that our good energy, care, love and attention goes into every detail of the product.  And to ensure that our product is affordable to every budget.

The skin absorbs an average of 60% of what we apply topically to our skin, and we believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.  Learning about the absorbency rate of carrier oils on our body, has allowed us to perfect our products.

All the ingredients we use are paraben and sulphate free and never, tested on animals.  We also go out of our way to ensure that we can source ingredients and products as locally as possible.

NatureOils is a natural skin care family run business, and all our products are handmade using only natural, high-quality, chemical free ingredients, locally sourced were possible.  All products are ethically source, as giving back to our community and the environment is important to us. 

Our products are individually made with care, love and the purest energy, and will always be made naturally for you. Because, your skin is our business.