Q. Do all your product contain fragrance?

A. Non of our products contain artificial fragrances. Most of our product contain pure aromatherapy essential oils. But we do make a few products without essential oils these products will always be labels as either Fragrance Free or unscented on the the label.

Q. Do your products contain SLS?

A. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a detergent often found in foaming personal-care products, and cosmetics like a daily cleanser, lotions etc.  SLSs cause skin irritation and rob the skin of its natural moisture.  We do not use SLS an any of products.

All our ingredients we use are chemical free (paraben, SLS and sulphate free) and never, tested on animals

Q. Why use essential oils in your products?

A. Essential oils are plant based-derived oils that are included in skincare products to improve the skin. Essential oils are commonly found in many skincare products and may benefit the skin. Some of these benefits include reversing the signs of ageing, treating spots, and addressing skin conditions, from acne,  eczema to dry skin. The oils we use are often diluted in skincare products, making them safer to use.